Monday, March 25, 2019



 Once again the brain dead editors of the UBS text have face planted themselves on another Alexandrian accidental omission by a master copy ancestor of the ALEPH - B Clown Text. 

CODEX ALEPH and B again uniquely share an obvious line skip due to similar line endings on a master copy estimated to have a 25 character column width.  Only a handful of later manuscripts, such as DELTA and PSI, along with a few Latin manuscripts of this family of error-perpetrators share this reading.   Against the omission stand the entire Byzantine tradition, 20,000 Lectionaries both Greek and Latin, along with such ancient UNCIALS as A,G,K,X,D (and Small d) and PIE. (all this is admitted in the critical apparatus of UBS-2 etc.) 

Inexplicably the UBS text ends the first half of Mark 10:24  on the verb, "ESTIN"  ("is" i.e., to be)
...and then continue the text from  "EIS THN BAS." 

What has been dropped is the phrase, "Those who trust in wealth", a line which in Greek also happens to end in "IN" 

This is a classic and clear cut case of  

homoioteleuton inadvertently copied by a handful of idiots and which slipped past
 the  over-seeing proof readers. The UBS text following Wescott and Hort insane
of creating the world shortest New Testament text
incorporate this
 omission into the text. Many modern translations blindly follow these blind editors 
but acknowledge their own doubt with inane footnotes. For example: the apologetic study
 bible (2007) using the HCSB translation (2003) tells us in the foot notes

 to Mark 10:24 , "other manuscripts add "for those trusting in wealth"

Once again, trusting English readers are misled into thinking that there is some
kind of credible evidence that something has been added to the text that wasn't
 there to begin with. Shame on Bible - Editors that put more faith in 19th century
amateur scholarship than in the providence of God being able to protect our Bible.
Nazaroo, still finding UBS textual blunders followed by UBS. Add this to the master list of 20th century textual critical tragic comedy.