Sunday, February 6, 2011

Codex A: 1st Cor. 9:2 - homoeoteleuton

All the old Uncials have singular errors involving homoeoteleuton, some of which have been recopied into later MSS.

Codex Alexandrinus loses a half-verse at 1st Cor. 9:2(b):

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With or without the Nomina Sacra abbreviations at the line-ends, this text presents a lengthy span of similar text which could have aligned at the right side of a column any number of ways.

The common (original) text reads:

ουκ ειμι αποστολος ουκ ειμι ελευθερος ουχι ΙΝ ΧΝ τον
ΚΝ ημων εωρακα ου το εργον μου υμεις εστε εν ΚΩ

ει αλλοις ουκ ειμι αποστολος αλλα γε υμιν ειμι η
γαρ σφραγις της εμης αποστολης υμεις εστε εν ΚΩ

If the lines of the master-copy were similar to those of Alexandrinus, then the letters would be very evenly spaced and lines would be mostly 20 cpl.
ουκειμιαποστολοςουκει     (20) 
μιελευθεροςουχιΙΝΧΝτ     (20)
ονΚΝημωνεωρακαουτοε    (20)
γονμουυμειςεστεενΚΩ   (20)

ολοςαλλαγευμινειμιηγ     (20)
αρσφραγιςτηςεμηςαπο      (19)
στοληςυμειςεστεενΚΩ    (19)

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The actual span of homoeoteleuton is long, and any number of alignments could have presented the opportunity for an eye-skip.


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