Monday, April 4, 2011

Codex Bezae - Luke 22:19b-20 - Massive Eye-Skip

One of the most remarkable things about the Lukan Omissions found in the last chapters is that they are all multiples of 22 letters, suggesting the original master-copy from which the error-prone text was made had a layout of 22 characters per line (cpl).

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Already some 4 of these omissions have been noted in the literature as probable homoeoteleuton errors (Luke 4:5, 9:55-6, 11:54, 24:42) , and so the remaining 3 cases look strongly like similarly simple Eye-Skips by the very same scribe who generated the others.  This now lost copy, forming one of the common ancestors for Bezae (and perhaps some early Syriac and OL copies), seems to have been responsible for a number of errors which crept into the copying streams at various points.

 152 letters:   
    22 cpl

το υπερ υμων διδομενον του-
το ποιειτε εις την εμην ανα-
μνησιν ωσαυτως και το ποτη-
ριον μετα το δειπνησαι λεγ-
ων τουτο το ποτηριον η και-
νη διαθηκη εν τω αιματι μου
το υπερ υμων εκχυνομενον
   Hort [[DB]] /
   SBL [SB]


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  1. I would like to know more abut homoeoteleuton errors. I am interested in this medical issue.