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Codex א: Singulars - List from Godet (1864)

Here is another list of Singular Readings from Codex Sinaiticus, courtesy of Godet (transl. from the French).   Most of these were quickly identified as homoeoteleuton and similar errors by Godet himself, following Tischendorf and other textual critics:

From:  Classic Commentary Library

Commentary on the Gospel of John, Vol.2: ch6-end
by Godet

Footnotes starting on page 17

John's Gospel  (ch. 6 to end)

5:26      Aleph (א) omits “you seek me”
5:38-39 Aleph (א) , C  omits “sent me...sent me”
5:22     Aleph (א) omits ”on account of this”
7:50     Aleph (א) omits “came to him by night”
8:20     Aleph (א) omits “teaching in the temple”
8:35     Aleph (א) , X, Γ,  omits “the son remains forever”
9:21     Aleph (א) omits “ask him”
9:38-39a Aleph (א) omits the whole verse
10:42     Aleph (א) omits “in the place”
12:31     Aleph (א) omits “now is the judgment of the world”
15:10     Aleph (א) omits “ love”
16:15     Aleph (א) omits the whole verse
16:17     Aleph (א) omits “micron …. palin
17:17     Aleph (א) omits “thy word is truth”
18:32     Aleph (א) omits “had spoken”
19:20-21 Aleph (א) omits the whole verse as far as 21 Alla (1 ½ vs. missing)
20: 4       Aleph (א) omits “and the other disciple”
20:5b-6  Aleph (א) omits whole verse
12: 20     Aleph (א) omits “akoluthontaos”

Most of these are both singular and plain h.t. errors.

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  1. A COUPLE MINOR CORRECTIONS...5:26 SHOULD READ 6:26, 5:38-39 SHOULD READ 6:38-39, 10:42 SHOULD READ 10:40.

    I don't have Godets 3rd Vol. on John so can someone help me with 18:32(OV...EV?),20:4? and 12:20??