Sunday, January 9, 2011

Luke 20:30 - "Aleph Style" homoeoteleuton

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Yet another undocumented deletion in the UBS2 text, following Hort's obsession with codex B.   But this is yet again an obvious and also late omission, probably occurring originally in a manuscript from the early 3rd century and which contained either all four Gospels, or else an entire NT corpus.

One can imagine the tired scribe's eyes glossing over, as the candle-light flickers hypnotically.   He has already just copied the line in green only a notch or two above, mentally preparing him to glance at the omitted line and identify it as already done.

He glances back to the exemplar, searching for the line-end for the next row, and latches onto the wrong spot, losing two lines in the process.  All is well in Alexandrian la-la land.

Hort is too embarrassed to discuss the homoeoteleuton gaffe, but does not hesitate to follow the omission anyway, without attention-drawing comments.


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