Sunday, January 9, 2011

Luke 24:51 - another ordinary accident

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Another long stretch of identical text, which unfortunately could fall five different ways on a wide master-copy, and still generate the exact same accidental omission via homoeoteleuton.

We've seen enough of these to recognise a trivial blunder when it presents itself.  Here both P75 and B avoid the omission, and even Codex Sinaiticus has been corrected to include the line.   Thus the original reading of Codex Sinaiticus in omitting stands virtually alone alongside Codex D. 

Such an alignment simply shouts post-common ancestor, and there can be no rational reason to follow Sinaiticus' text here, unless we are slavishly following Hort's Universal axiom, "Prefer the shorter reading, even when its wrong."

This accident obviously happened in the Sinaiticus-only stream of transmission, very late in the game.  Even the UBS2 text doesn't bother to bracket the gaffe, noting the evidence in the apparatus.

Yet somehow, the new SBL-GNT single-brackets the text, slavishly following Hort for a yet unknown reason.


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