Sunday, January 9, 2011

Luke 23:17 - Codex A style Gaffe

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Another classic skip, with similar endings and similar letter combinations sprinkled all around.

This is plainly a later omission, which Codex Sinaiticus has avoided, and so cannot have been in the common ancestor.   The agreement of P75 (3rd cent.) with Codex B is expected, since it is an obvious offshoot of the Codex B copying stream.

 Codex A (4th cent.) can hardly give the omission any further weight;  Hort has already written off most of Codex A's readings because it agrees so frequently with the Byzantine text-type against his precious Codex B.   Its very agreement with B reveals it was often edited to conform with the B text, right or wrong.

The UBS2 apparatus tries to break up the Majority Support for the inclusion of the verse, by listing the witnesses in separate groups, but this tactic is too transparent to give it any serious consideration.

Omit: P75 A B K L T Pi 0124 892* 1079 1241 1546 l185pt it(a) cop(sa, bo-mss), Diatessaron.

Include: א W X Delta Theta Phi 063 Family 1, Family 13, 28 565 700 1010 1195 (1216 1230 1253 1646 2174 variations) 1242 1365 2148 Byzantine Text (Majority of MSS), Lectionaries, (l70 om. autos) Italic (sur, b,c,e,f,ff2, l, q, (r1)) Vulgate Syr (p,h) Copt (bo mss) Eusebius, (1009) (892 mg+) (1071 om autois) 1344 (Arm) Geo, etc.

Insert verse after 19: D/d Syr(c,s) Eth.

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