Friday, December 17, 2010

1st Peter 4:14 (h.t.)

1st Peter 4:14 - Traditional Text (homoioteleuton)

......................ει ονειδιζεσθε εν ονοματι XS μακαριοι οτι
το της δοξης και το του ΘΣ πνευμα εφ υμας αναπαυεται
κατα μεν αυτους βλασφημειται κατα δε υμας δοξαζεται
η γαρ τις υμων πασχετω ως φονευς η κλεπτης η κακο-
ποιος η ως αλλοτριοεπισκοπος

if ye be reproached in the name of Christ, happy, since
of the glory and of God rests upon you;

by them, blasphemed, but by you, he is glorified;
But make sure that none of you suffers as a murderer,
or thief, or evildoer, or a troublesome meddler;

INCLUDE LINE: Everyone else! ... K P (Ψ) ...+ Byz, Maj (Majority of MSS)

OMIT LINE: א B 056 0142 436 629*vid 1739 it-c/dem/div/(gig) Vg(cl) Syr-p?/h? (UBS is hopeful here) Copt-Bo (alone) arm eth (made from Alex.text) Tertu. Origen (surprised?)

Another long line lost through the common error of homoioteleuton, one of the very reasons why early Christians switched to narrower columns, and why modern newspapers and wide books all use multiple narrow columns today.

Aleph and B again stand alone against all of antiquity, showing Agreement in Error and common ancestry, but equally demonstrating that such minority readings must be catalogued as boners and kept away from serious reconstructions of the Original autograph and out of master-copies used for translating modern Bibles.

Of course Hort, Nestle, and UBS follow into the darkness, seeking the 'holy grail' of Vaticanus' lost ancestor. But we can leave them there, and get back to making practical, complete, and useful translations containing light.

'modern' versions of the 20th century mistakenly rely upon the blind academics, to their own humiliation.

NKJV, YLT, KJ2000 to their credit leave the line in.

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