Monday, December 13, 2010

Acts 26:29-31a (h.a./h.t.)

Acts 26:29-31a (traditional text)


ο δε παυλος ειπεν ευξαιμην
αν τω θεω και εν ολιγω
και εν πολλω ου μονον σε αλλα
και παντας  τους ακουον-
ας  μου σημερον γενεσθαι
τους οποιος κα
γω ειμι
αρεκτος των δεσμων τουτων
καιταυτα ειποντος  αυτου
τη  ο βασιλευς και ο
ηγεμων η τε βερνικη και οι
συγκαθημενοι αυτ
οις και
αναχωρησαντες ελαλου
προς αλληλους λεγοντες ...

But Paul said, `I would have
wished to God, both in a little,
and in much, not only thee, but
also all hearing me today, to become
as I also am -- except these bonds.'

And these things being spoken,
the king rose up, and the governor,
Bernice also, and sitting with them,
and having withdrawn, they were
speaking unto one another,...

INCLUDE LINE: Koine Byz Maj (Majority of MSS) pm h Syr-H etc.

OMIT: B etc. WH, (see Nestle) UBS2 - without notes.

Acts 26:29-31a

This is another one of those typically endless rambling sentences, coupled with a half-dozen "and"s that begs to be broken up into something more literary, and sits ripe for a Haplography head-plant.

The only thing that could liven up this would be the subject matter, but it is apparent that Luke doesn't have much choice about that. The "kai...kai...kai..." construction is the usual translation-Greek, awkward in any language, and bound to put a copyist to sleep, no matter how sincere.

The uneven line-length in the older papyri were the natural result of trying to start clauses on a new line, but actually instigated many a HomoioArcton type error with "KAI...".

Again the loss here only improves the Greek by shortening, and the prose gets truncated. Who could hope to re-insert this successfully? Only the many independant lines of transmission assured a good standing in the MS evidence.

Not an error that causes much damage or concern, but it does furnish yet more evidence that the early papyri and uncials are not immune from such gaffes, and are not likely to have been always successfully corrected.

Modern versions all drop the line, but no footnotes are expected anytime soon.

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