Sunday, December 12, 2010

Acts 15:24 (h.a/h.t.)

Acts 15:24 (traditional text)

οτι τινες εξ ημων εξελθοντες εταραξαν υμας
ΛΟΓοις   ανασκευαζοντες τας ψυχας   υΜΩΝ
ΛΕΓοντες περιτεμνεσθαι και τηρειν τον νοΜΟΝ
οις ου διεστειλαμεθα...

...that certain went from us did trouble you with
words,   subverting the souls   of you,

saying to be circumcised and to keep the law,
to whom we did give no charge,

INCLUDE LINE: C (E) P Ψ 049 056 (0142) 88 104 181 326 330 436 451 630 1241 (1505 2495) 1739 1877 2127 2412 2492 Byz Maj (Majority of MSS) (it-e) (it-gig) Syr-P, Syr-H, Armen, Aeth-P, Georg., (Ireneus-Lat) (Chrysos.) Greek(Acc. to Bede), Theoph.

OMIT: P33, א, B D 33 81 614 629 945 it-ar/d/l, vg Copt-Sa(Bo), Aeth-Ro, Origen(Lat), Athanasius(Lat). Apost Const., Epiph.-Vigil.

Another Double HomoioArcton-Teleuton Haplography error, unfortunately complicated by the obvious unlucky subject matter. This caused additional editing activity as copyists/editors fretted over the "meaning" of a simple boo-boo.

In uncial script, E was written in a rounded form, and Omega was also very similar to Omicron.

The usual ancient editing crew bails out on the reading, conveniently eliminating another "Jewish" reference which no one wanted to be reminded of.

Westcott/Hort, Nestle, drop the line, UBS follows, and most 'modern' versions dump the line without notes. (Living Bible - nothing, Good News - zip, The Message - no mention).

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