Monday, December 13, 2010

Romans 15:24 (h.t.)

Romans 15:24 (traditional text)

.........ως εαν πορευ-
ωμαι εις την σπανιαν

ελευσομαι προς υμας
ελπιζω γαρ διαπορευο-
θεασασθαι υμας
και υφ υμων προπεμφ-
θηναι εκει...

I may go on to Spain,

I  will come  to you,
for I  hope in passing
to see you, and by you
to be carried
forward hence,...

INCLUDE LINE: Koine Greek Byz Maj (Majority of continuous MSS)

OMIT LINE: p46 A-pc (B D G-pc W)
(- from Nestle apparatus)

Another simple "oops", and a line is lost. This time homoioArcton (similar beginning of line) and a shared letter midline. Depending upon the line-length of the original copied from, there is also a potential homoioTeleuton (similar ending) as well!

Westcott/Hort & Nestle omits, UBS follows (the B text) with no apparatus, and the modern versions follow UBS with no footnote.

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