Sunday, December 12, 2010

Acts 20:15

Acts 20:15 (traditional text)

κακειθεν αποπλευσαντες τη επιουση
κατηντησαμεν αντικρυ χιου τη
δε ετερα παρεβαλομεν εις σαμον
και μειναντες εν τρωγυλλιω τη
εχομενη ηλθομεν εις μιλητον

and thence having sailed, on the
next day   we came   on to
Chios, and next day we got to Samos,

and having remained in Trogyllium on the,
following day we came to Miletus,

INCLUDE LINE: p41(vid) D P 049 (056 0142) 88 (104) 181 32 330 451 614 945 1241 1505 1877 2127 2412 2492 2495 Byz Maj (Majority of MSS), it-d/gig, Syr-p/h, Cop-Sa, Chrysostom Theoph. (ψ)

OMIT: p74 א, B C E(gr) 33 630 1739
(kai te) 436 629 it(ac-vid) vg Arm Geo

This is a bit odder than the most simple cases seen, but needs little more than tiredness to completely and adequately explain the loss. Obviously the content is only incidental, and no copyist would invent such an insignificant clause. Lack of motive and Occam's Razor confirm the obvious.

The line was dropped by the stressed out Alexandrians once again.

Westcott/Hort omits, imagining a profound discovery, with Nestle and UBS in tow. All 'modern' English versions drop the geographic info with no 'how do you do'.

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