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Luke 23:23

Luke 23:23

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οι δε επεκειντο φωναις
μεγαλαις αιτουμενοι
αυτον σταυρωθη-
αι και κατισχυον
αι φωναι  αυτων
και των αρχιερεων

But they shouted with loud
noises, that He be crucified:
so those voices prevailed,

and those of the chief priests.

A, D, K, P, W, X, Δ Θ Π ψ, 063 0250 f1, f13,
28 565 700 892 1009 1010 1071 1079 1195 1216 1230 1242 (1253) 1344 1365 1546 1646 2148 2174
Byz, Maj (Majority of all continuous MSS), Lect, ital-c/d/f, Syr-(c/s)/p/h, Copt-Bo(MSS), AEthiop, Arm, Geo, Diatess. etc.

P75, א , B, L, 0124 1241, l-241, Ital-a/aur/b/e/ff2, vg, Copt-Sa/Bo(mss)

Here we see plenty of room for the eyes to do a double-take and skip a line while copying, and sure enough, a line was lost by the Alexandrians. There is no point in hunting for theological motives for an insertion when its plainly an accidental omission.

The evidence continues to build that the Alexandrian copyists were less than careful about proof-reading their work, and so when it comes to Haplography omissions, they simply can't be trusted when it comes to the original text.

Westcott/Hort, Nestle, UBS2 all follow Aleph/B, ever hunting for the 'lost ancestor', whatever errors it may contain.

'Modern' versions stupidly adopt the reconstructed Greek, probably following along without thought for the detrimental effect it will have on the purity of the text. Again no footnotes are likely to be found for this clandestine alteration of the traditional text.

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