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Luke 24:42-43

Luke 24:42-43

...οι δε επεδωκαν
αυτω ιχθυος οπτου μερος

και απο μελισσιου κηριου

και λαβων ενωπιον αυτων

...but they gave Him
also a piece of cooked fish,

and part of a honeycomb:
And He took them and ate...

K, X, Δ ψ, f1, f13,
28 33 565 700 892 1009 101 1071 1195, 1195-marg, 1230 1241 1242 1253 1344 1365 1546 1646 2148 2174 (1216)
Byz, Maj (Majority of all continuous MSS), Lect, l-185m,

it-(a)/aur/(b/c)/f/ff2/l/(q)/r1, vg, geo?, Cyril of Jerus.
Syr-c/p/h*/pal, Copt-Bo, Arm AEth. geo?,
Justin Diatess., Athanasius Augustine Cryil Proclus

P75, א A, B, D, L, W, 1079
It-d/e, Syr-s, Cop-Sa/Bo(mss),
Clement Origen Euseb. Athan. Epiph. Cyril

Although yet more 4th/5th cent. Uncials are led astray, it is obvious from the complete lack of any theological content that this is again a mere Haplography error, strongly supported by the line-length, and double-overlap at beginning and mid-line.

"honeycomb" seems superfluous, and so has been consigned to the dustbin by both Alexandrian and Caesarean editors of the 4th century. Yet once again, the editors have no real power over the uncontrolled stream of transmission, and the original text survives intact in the majority of mss. The support of the early fathers for omission is dubious, since it is based on either 'arguments from silence' and/or possible paraphrasing.

Here at least, UBS-2 gives a footnote, but on the authority of WH/Nestle/UBS, 'modern' versions cast aside this interesting bit of text, which may be an allusion to Jonathan's O.T. experience of the honeycomb, and/or perhaps also Samson.

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