Monday, December 13, 2010

Acts 22:9

Acts 22:9 (traditional text)

οι  δε  συν  εμοι  οντες
το  μεν φως εθεασαντο
και  εμφοβοι εγενοντο
την δε φωνην  ουκ ηκο-
υσαν του λαλουντος μοι

and they who are with
me the light did
and they were  afraid,
and the voice they heard not
of him who is speaking to me --

INCLUDE LINE: D(gr) E P ψ 056 0142 88 104 330 436 451 614 630 945 1505 1739 1877 2127 2412 2495 Byz Maj (Majority of MSS) it-e/gig, Syr-h, Cop-Sa, Aeth Chrsostom (& many Gk MSS, accord to Bede)

OMIT: P74 א(corrector) A B 049 33 181 326 1241 2492 it(ar), vg Syr-p, Cop-Bo, Arm Geo (629corr.)

Another brief but thick Haplography gaffe, homoioteleuton plus similar midline, making an irresistable honeypot for tired scribes.

Once the line-length was changed in a new copy, the original error would be harder to notice or explain: it only takes one generation to hide and entrench an error. Aleph, eager not to miss a shorter variant, corrects and entrenches the shorter text.

With Christ fear vanishes, but we don't think this is what the Holy Spirit had in mind. We still want to keep the text, even if its just a sentimental reminder.

W/H eliminate, Nestle & UBS follow (UBS-2 gives footnote), and 'modern' versions happily skip down the trail into early errors, but without playing any notes for us on their own toy panflutes.

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