Friday, December 10, 2010

John 19:16-17 - (h.t./h.a.)

John 19:16-17 (traditional text)

τοτε ουν παρεδωκεν
αυτον αυτοις ινα
σταυρωθη παρελαβον
δε τον ιησουν
και απηγαγον
και βασταζων
τον σταυρον αυτου

So then [Pilate] Handed him
over to them in order to
be crucified. And they
took along Jesus

and led him off,
and carrying
his cross, ...

INCLUDE LINE:  D(S), K, P, D, Q, 157, 1071, 1241, Byz, Maj (Majority of all continuous MSS)

(KAI) A, N, W, 0290, f1, 565, 579 al

(+ auton) - א,

(+ eis to praitwriaon) - M?, U, G, 700, al, Lect(mss), Sy-Pal(mg)

(+ kai epethhkan autw ton stauron) - f13, L844, Or(Lat) (118)

OMIT LINE:  B, L, X, ψ, 0141, 33, pc, it(a, aur, b, c, e, ff2, r1), bo

It matters not whether the eye slipped across a long line or down a short one in a Haplography accident, and we can expect a fair share of short skips as well as long ones, when the result is still readable and does not alarm the proof-readers. This is just one such common example.

Many are of course repaired, not least because it is easier to erase only a short phrase than a whole line. Consequently, many short skips are fixed on the fly.

Yet here, as elsewhere, Westcott/Hort take the textual readings of Aleph/B, while Nestle follows, and UBS-2 as well.
The obvious Haplographic features of the variants have gone unnoticed.

Naturally most 'modern' versions simply use the UBS-text, and another short but undocumented error finds its way back into modern translations.

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