Monday, December 13, 2010

Romans 9:27-29

Romans 9:27-29 (traditional text)

..........το καταλειμμα σωθησεται
λογον γαρ
συντελων   και συντεμνων
εν  δικαιοσυνη οτι λογον συντετμημενον
ποιησει κυριος επι της γης και καθως
προειρηκεν ησαιας...

the remnant shall be saved;
for a word He is finishing, and is cutting short

in righteousness, because a word cut short
will the Lord do upon the land; even as Isaiah
saith before, ...

INCLUDE LINE: Aleph (corr.) D G K P 33 88 104 181 326 330 451 614 629 630 1241 1877 1962 1984 1985 (2492) 2495 Byz Maj (Majority of MSS) Lectionaries It (ar/d/dem/e/f/g/x/s), Vg Syr-H, Goth Arm Euseb. Ambros. Chrysos. Euthalius Ps-Oecumen. Theoph.

OMIT: (p46vid) Aleph* B 1739 1881 (2127) Syr-P, Cop-Sa/(Bo-part), AEth Origen Euseb., August. (Theod.) John-Damas.

A classic case of homoioteleuton (similar ending) with a generous overlap in the content and syllables in the middle of the sentence.

Westcott/Hort, Nestle & UBS all run after the favoured uncials, but since this time UBS-2 gave a reasonable footnote, a few modern versions like the New Berkeley Version (NBV) manage to escape repeating the mistake. They merely bracket the clause in question, but leave it in the text.

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