Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Luke 22:68

Luke 22:68

εαν δε και ερωτησω
ου μη αποκριθ
μοι η απολυσητε

"And if I also question you,
You will by no means ans
me, nor let me go."

A, D, K, W, (X), Δ Π ψ, 063, f13, 28 565 700 (892) 1009 1010 1071 1079 1195 1216 1230 1242 1253 1344 1546 1646 2148  Byz, Maj (Majority of all continuous MSS), Lect,  ital-(a)/aur/b/c/d/f/ff2/(i,j)/q/r1, vulg., Syr-c/s/p/h, Arm Geo, Diatess.-a/i/n

P75, א , B, L, W, T 1241 cop-bo, Cyril,
(+μοι ) Θ, f1, 1365 Cop-Sa, (Ambrose?)

Jesus' damning response, that they had no intention of really holding a 'trial', and were not going to let Him go, is lost in the shuffle of sloppy Alexandrian copies of Luke. Perhaps scribe and Pharisee converts to 'the Way' felt the 'kangaroo-court' aspect of the Sanhedrin council by night was best left toned-down, once the omission had crept into the copy-stream.

Still, better copyists had nonetheless prevailed, until this old blunder was revived by Westcott & Hort in 1882, and perpetuated by Nestle, UBS2, and almost all 'modern' translations, uncritically following the critical texts. Again however, evidence of ancient ancestor is not evidence of original text, but precisely the contrary: Agreement in Error = common source or editing policy.

Typically, no footnote even acknowledges the omission in the English translations. Just more hidden changes and agendas.

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