Sunday, December 12, 2010

Acts 2:30 (h.a./h.t.)

Acts 2:30 (traditional text)

προφητης ουν υπαρχων και ειδως
οτι ορκω ωμοσεν αυτω ο ΘΣ εκ 

καρπου  της  οσφυος  αυτου (το )

κατα σαρκα αναστησειν τον ΧΝ
καθισαιεπι του θρονου αυτου
προιδων ελαλησεν περι της ανα-
στασεως του ΧΝ οτι ου κατελειφθη
η ψυχη αυτου εις αδου ουδε η σαρξ
αυτου ειδεν διαφθοραν

a prophet, therefore, being, and knowing
that by oath God did swear to him, out
of   the   fruit   of   his   loins,

according to the flesh, to raise up the Christ,
to sit upon   his throne,   having
foreseen, he did speak concerning the
rising again of the Christ, that his soul
was not left to hades, nor did his flesh
see corruption.

INCLUDE LINE: INCLUDE LINE: Byz Maj (Majority of MSS), Lectionaries, Origen, Eusebius, Chrysostom

OMIT: OMIT: א, B, usual culprits (see UBS apparatus)

I think readers already know what can be said about this combination homoioarcton/homoioteleuton boner. When allowance is made for the short-forms of the Names of God and Christ in the text as typically copied in the 2nd-4th centuries, the alignment of the letters in the columns make the problem plain.

A few scribes added minor variants in attempts to patch up the verse.

All modern critical texts and 'modern' versions omit the line, and most don't bother to document it adequately.

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